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Edfred Corporation :: I AM CLEANING THIS: :: Driveway - Concrete - Brick - Aggregate - No Wax Flooring :: EDFRED 2 Oz. Liquid Garage & Driveway Cleaner (FREE SHIPPING)

EDFRED 2 Oz. Liquid Garage & Driveway Cleaner (FREE SHIPPING)
EDFRED 2 Oz. Liquid Garage & Driveway Cleaner (FREE SHIPPING) 
Concentrated, but gentle!

Will not harm driveway or plants.

Excellent for removing:

* Oil * Fat stains * Grease

GENERAL USE: Liquid Garage and Driveway cleaner will quickly and easily remove oils, greases and fat stains from concrete, brick, aggregate and other similar surfaces. Its combination of detergents and silicates ensures rapid, effective penetration for quick removal of stains with a minimum of labor. Used as directed it is guaranteed not to harm the surfaces. For best results, keep cleaner on hand to treat future stains promptly.

Directions: To clean heavily stained areas, pour liquid in concentrated form on surface.
1. Allow at least 5 minutes for cleaner to penetrate and react.
2. Scrub vigorously with stiff fiber or wire brush.
3. Hose or flush off with water.
4. Repeated application may be necessary especially in areas
where aged or dried stains exist, or where soaked in stains resurface.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if taken internally. Eye Irritant. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and get medical attention.

Weight 0.16 lbs
Price: $3.99


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In 1980 I bought a little 40 year old house in Santa Cruz that a realtor was flipping. It had one bathroom. The toilet looked like it had barnacles in it, I was convinced I was going to have to get a new toilet. I bought Cling n Clean without ever having heard of it but the bottle description sounded like it might help. I shoved all the water out of the toilet and let it dry and used an entire bottle, I left it all day while I ran errands. I was astounded, the the barnacles chipped off. In chunks. Using a wooden handled spoon, handle end. Like oyster shells. I couldn&#039;t believe it. The end result looked brand new. Now I have a brand new $600 toilet that has acquired and hard water deposit, because of our well water, despite water softener, that I can feel with my fingernail. It&#039;s a Toto toilet, supposed to have some sort of magic surface on it to prevent deposits, etc. The instructions are very insistent that abrasives, pumice, bleach, harsh chemicals will ruin this magic surface. I wrote to Toto, asked what I CAN use. They said CLR. Didn&#039;t touch it. I left it for three days. I told them, now they say Edfred. Not realizing that it is Cling n Clean, I ordered two bottles and am hoping for the best. I don&#039;t have my order yet. We shall see.

Joanne Jackson

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